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SEM for Pest Control Companies

Highly Targeted. Instant Results.

PestPac’s® SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts work with you to select highly relevant, targeted keywords most likely to convert high quality leads. Help boost your search engine visibility and get instant proof of success.

A professionally built and managed SEM strategic plan works with your budget, understands your goals and objectives, and works alongside your current marketing strategies.

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Custom search campaigns around your business goals

  • Research and select custom list keywords
  • Refine and organize keywords into campaigns
  • Ad creative and other customizable features such as optimized landing pages
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Constant monitoring

  • Analyze performance and make adjustments to optimize campaigns
  • Using a combination of publishers, conversion tracking platforms and industry data
    • Web Form tracking
    • Lead Capture tracking
    • Call tracking
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Refine and expand campaigns

  • Work with your budget so you reach new customers at a cost that fits your budget
  • Each visit should be worth more than you’re paying for it
  • Strategic budget recommendations

Our industry experience means our SEM Services can help you respond faster with realistic goals for your paid Search Engine listings. SEM and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work together to give you instantly measurable results and help build a better longer-lasting, ongoing high-ranking presence online.

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Save time. Get instant results.

The impact of SEM is immediate. You only pay for clicks your ad receives so you can quickly determine the keywords that convert better for your services and local area. SEM has the data research and exhaustive keyword analysis in pest control to match your business goals.

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Quality lead conversion.

Our SEM experts work with you to create specially targeted messaging to reach a highly targeted audience. Your customized campaigns with optimized ads are more likely to convert to sales. Persuasive and relevant campaign landing pages guide visitors to clear and relevant call to action (call or book service online).

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Boost ranking and visibility.

SEM Services from PestPac generate more views for your business and gives your organic search results a boost in visibility and credibility. Our SEM experts constantly monitor and work with you to fine-tune your campaigns based on insights from data analysis and your business goals.

Pest Control Keyword Expertise

It can take a lot of time, effort and hard work with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert to get the right free traffic to your website. SEM gives you faster results so you can test out keywords that convert better for the specific services you want to sell and control the seasonality of your offer.

If your SEM agency doesn’t know pest control you could be missing on hundreds of valuable, highly relevant keywords that could be driving traffic to your website. PestPac’s SEM experts have access to extensive data research and experience in pest control to assess not just the most common keywords but also the most specific, potentially less common or less competitive keywords, that will lead to higher conversion and a lower cost to you. They also work closely with our own SEO team that manage hundreds of websites for pest control companies, leveraging that knowledge to better understand keyword volume, effective CTAs (Calls-to-Action) and conversion paths.

SEM will help you find the most relevant and most useful keywords for your area of service that will deliver results. Our clients on average report a 28% increase in leads quarter over quarter.

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