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PestPac Surveys

More feedback. More insight. Top-notch service.

Customers appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions and the information they provide can help you better understand your market and improve services. Never before has it been easier for busy PMPs to gather valuable feedback from current customers, past customers and even prospects that did not move forward.

PestPac’s® Survey solution offers a host of tools that allow you to quickly and easily create surveys on virtually any topic and use the information gathered to gain valuable insight into how your business is perceived. Templates simplify creation and allow you to quickly conduct polls on-the-fly or schedule future sends. Distribute to segmented customer lists or any list of email contacts. And once feedback is gathered, our solution makes it easy for you to analyze the information based on what’s most important to you, all done through our software!

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Understand Prospect Win/Loss Cycles

  • Find out why you did or did not win the business
  • Keep track of service cancellation reasons and frequency
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Improve customer satisfaction through actual feedback

  • Learn what they like best about your pest control company, so you can do more of it
  • Learn what they like least about your pest control company, so you can fix it
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Build Business Using Lead Source Insights

  • Track where customers hear about you and the best channels for reaching them
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Perform Competitive Analysis and Future Service Development

  • Ask clients what services they are specifically looking for
  • Poll customers on how they feel about your price/value
  • Gain insight on your strengths and weaknesses—as perceived by your customers and compared to others offering similar services
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Manage and Analyze Data Gathered

  • Identify how many open and respond to your surveys and how many don’t
  • View individual survey responses or aggregate data
  • Integrate survey responses/results into PestPac to view everything in one place

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