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Advanced Reporting

Unparalleled Insight.

The success of your business depends on access to and analysis of critical business performance metrics. PestPac’s® advanced pest control reporting tools make it easy to get unparalleled insight into every aspect of your business. With PestPac, you get access to intuitive, robust pre-built reports that provide actionable data to help you make smarter decisions. You can also create completely custom reports, dashboards, charts and graphs, to evaluate and analyze data that’s important to you. PestPac’s reporting features set it apart from other pest control software programs.

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"The Executive Dashboard is the most powerful management tool in the industry. It allows us to access our company’s essential reports with a touch of a button from our cell phones, iPads or computers anywhere in the world. Best of all - we don’t have to waste our office staff’s time to pull and organize our reports!"

- Justin McCauley, McCauley Services


The Advanced Reporting module includes the Executive Dashboard and Report Writer and is included with PestPac Enterprise edition.

Report Writer Icon

Report Writer

  • Create completely custom reports, dashboards, charts and graphs
  • Display or export reports to Excel, PDF, RTF or CSV
  • Schedule reports to be emailed automatically
  • Analyze data across multiple dimensions with cross-tab (PivotTable) reports
  • Customize letters and forms using mail merge
  • Save commonly-run reports to the PestPac Report Gallery
Executive Dashboard Icon

Executive Dashboard

  • Run a number of pre-built reports or customize using Flex Reports
  • Display using data or chart mode, or export to Excel or PDF
  • Convert reports into graphical slideshows
  • Understand how your company compares to others with benchmarking reports
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Save commonly-run reports to the PestPac Report Gallery
Visibility Icon

Instant Visibility into Business Performance

As a business owner or manager, you can’t be everywhere all the time. Accurate, straightforward reporting tools are the key to understanding how your business is performing both day-to-day and over time. Pest control reporting helps you track marketing and sales performance, technician productivity, customer satisfaction, revenue and profit, and any criteria that is important to you. Better insight helps you identify profitable aspects of your business, as well as areas that need your attention.

Analytics Line Icon

Easily Identified Trends and Data Discrepancies

PestPac’s intuitive reporting tools take the guesswork out of auditing and analyzing critical data. Easy-to-create dashboards, graphs and charts visually represent data to help you recognize trends and discrepancies instantly.

Email Icon

Team Alignment through Automated Reporting

With PestPac Report Writer you can schedule reports to be run automatically and emailed to key stakeholders, ensuring everyone is always informed and has the most up-to-date analytics at their fingertips. Reports can also be emailed on-demand or exported in a variety of formats, making presenting data to interested parties at any time a straightforward process.

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