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PestPac AltiGen Phone Integration

Instant Access.

PestPac® integrates with leading phone service provider, AltiGen™, to give your office staff instant access to customer information on inbound calls. PestPac customer account details will instantly “pop up” on the computer screen when a call is answered, enhancing customer experience and speeding up customer service.

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Customer details automatically “pop up” on the screen when call is answered

GPS Tracking Icon

Easily add a Location or Lead if number is initially unable to be attached to a Location

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Quickly access information on the last 10 calls to the extension of each user

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Automatically capture call back number and log call details on account

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Instant account verification

You don’t need to search in PestPac for a Location. Customer details will automatically pop up when the call is answered. PestPac screen pops are based on caller ID, DNIS and caller entered digits. Less time spent identifying the customer means more time to address customer concerns.

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Instant phone number capture

PestPac AltiGen captures a call back number so there is no lost lead and customer follow-up can’t slip through the cracks. Each user can quickly access information on the last 10 calls that came to their extension. Easily use data to track customer service conversations and sales team improvements.

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Instant account recognition

Automatic account recognition means faster call resolution and shorter hold/wait times for your customers. More efficient Customer Service Representatives improves your customer experience, leading to more opportunity for referrals.

Results to expect:

Eliminate the need to search for a Location within PestPac pest control business software

Decrease hold/wait times for customers thanks to higher productivity

Gain more leads as PestPac AltiGen captures every inbound number

High productivity of sales team and customer service representatives

Using PestPac pest control business software you can stay focused on your customer’s needs. PestPac AltiGen improves your customer experience and streamlines processes so you can handle more calls without needing more staff.

Learn more about how you can support your office staff, improve productivity, and delight customers by using AltiGen’s smart, reliable and unified phone service integration with PestPac.

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