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Pest Control Business Reporting

More Insight

PestPac® business reports reveal critical data that show how your business performance compares to your goals. You get instant access to commonly run reports and the ability to design and build custom reports unique to your business. PestPac reports offer unparalleled insight into every aspect of your business and instantly provide the information you need to make smarter business decisions.

More Time and Money

Not all pest control software programs have the wealth of reporting tools and the flexibility of PestPac reporting. In PestPac, you gain full access to all the most popular and commonly run reports you need to assess business performance. PestPac also features the most advanced custom reporting tools so that you can build any number of reports that gives you the specific data that’s important to you. It’s all in one place. It’s the actionable data that helps you run your business smoothly.

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Set up credit card or ACH auto-bill for recurring services and customers

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Create invoices in the field using mobile

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Securely accept and bill credit cards

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Easily manage pre-pay and other types of discounts

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Provide better customer service

Better Functionality

Pest control reporting helps you track business productivity, technician productivity, cost analysis by service or geographic area and any criteria that is important to you. More insight helps you identify profitable areas of your business that are critical for your continued growth.

PestPac reporting software includes advanced functionality so you can quickly identify the areas of your business that are most productive and cost-rewarding, and keep a closer eye on the areas of your business that need improvement. The health of your business depends on how well you understand your business data. PestPac Reporting provides an in-depth overview of all your business data, and all the features you need to drill down to analyze specific areas in more detail. Some popular reports include:

Scheduled to Actual Comparison Report

Compare planned route with actual route driven

Marketing Performance Reporting

Track, manage and optimize the performance of your marketing teams and the lead generation campaigns

Budget vs. Revenue Report

See how revenue is trending against budget

Sales Performance Reporting

Track, manage and optimize the performance of your sales teams in pushing new leads through your sales funnel and converting them into new sales

Technician Product Report

Understand how individual technicians are contributing to overall production, as well as how things like appointment Call Backs are affecting your business performance

More Transactions

Reports help you keep on top of your customer transactions and communication with prospects. Perhaps you want to run a report to identify customers for upsell opportunities, or to review all open leads. With just a few clicks you can run a report to see all transactions and accounting reports. With real data at your fingertips it’s easier to keep on top of your business and stop important opportunities slipping through the cracks.

Run reports to create custom email, forms or letter campaigns to targeted customers

Export reports as HTML, an Excel file, PDF, RTF or CSV

Schedule reports to be emailed automatically or on-demand

Customize reports based on invoice or work dates, account numbers, services, technicians and more

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