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Office Management

Route Planning and Optimization Software for Pest Control Companies

Happier Customers. Better Routes.

You know your service area better than anyone, but routing jobs manually while taking into consideration specific customer requests and constraints can be tedious and take hours or days out of your month. Not to mention the headaches of last minute changes, emergency jobs, days off and vacations. Additionally, with traffic getting more and more congested, trusting a sophisticated algorithm to assess the best routes can deliver unrealized windows for more jobs. PestPac’s® flexible, powerful route planning and optimization tools do the legwork for you, helping you save hours and simplify routing while allowing you to tweak plans based on your local knowledge.

While route optimization was once all about efficiency for the company, customers today demand a more predictable, reliable experience. Using PestPac allows you to define constraints based on customer requests and job requirements and route more efficiently while taking into consideration these requests and restrictions. Your customers will be happier than ever with more efficient routes, balanced schedules and on-time arrivals with the ability to meet customer demands.

More Time

Did you know there are approximately 3,682,800 variations of a route that one tech can drive to visit 10 appointments? This kind of route planning is impossible to optimize without routing automation software. Instead of hours spent in the office, PestPac RouteOp uses, a complex algorithm, that finds the best route every time, in seconds or minutes. The time saved using PestPac RouteOp can now be used for what you do best, bringing in new business. When a new job pops up, or a technician calls out sick, you can quickly and easily make adjustments and reoptimize the route in minutes.

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Spend less time in the office planning schedules and routes

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No wasted drive time or idling between appointments

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Quickly make adjustments in real-time

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Free up more time to see new clients

More Jobs. More Profit.

By reducing the number of miles driven per job and reducing the average drive time, there’s more time to get work done. This means you can see more clients and generate more business with the same number of technicians.

PestPac RouteOp gives you the flexibility to squeeze in last-minute appointments by running different scenarios for the best time slots with minimal impact to your technicians’ work day and existing customer schedule. Keep customers happy by showing them you’re reliable and stay on-time with the help of PestPac RouteOp.

Fit in more jobs with the same number of technicians

Service last-minute appointments with minimal impact to planned schedule

Start utilizing your assets to full capacity

Eliminate wasted time and fuel

Grow and scale your business without adding staff

Cowleys Pest Services has doubled the number of routes per month.

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Improved Performance

Sophisticated routing technology within PestPac gives you greater visibility and control over how your technicians manage their day in the field. From PestPac, you can assess the count, duration and dollar value associated with each route or group of job. This insight helps you more accurately understand the performance and business value either by technician, service, branch, location or other criteria.

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See the count, duration and dollar value associated with a route or group of jobs

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Search by multiple criteria including technician, service, branch, location type, zip and more

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Select a group of appointments on the map and re-assign a work date or technician

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Optimize stops to reduce drive time

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Save a project to revisit it later, or commit changes back to PestPac with a simple click

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Print directions and route information or send automatically to a mobile device

Better Territory Management

PestPac’s Visual Route Manager is an alternative pest control routing software for PestPac Online Enterprise customers. You can quickly and easily map one-time or recurring orders, re-route multiple projects at the same time, and save routes for future use. Like PestPac RouteOp, you can assign multiple users to a project and control the permissions for each user to view, edit or approve routes so that any changes are approved before final commitment to PestPac. You can use the Visual Route Manager in conjunction with RouteOp for territory management and planning.

Save on expensive mapping software

PestPac Visual Route Manager is powered by Google™ Maps

Real-time updates

Google Maps are always up-to-date and new neighborhoods are not an issue.

Low fee

PestPac Online Enterprise customers can get started with Visual Route Manager with a minimal Google Maps API fee

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