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Office Management

Pest Control Scheduling Software

Better Flexibility

From single visits to recurring services at every frequency level, PestPac® delivers the most intuitive and flexible pest control scheduling software. PestPac does more than simplify your scheduling, it’s designed with the features you need to set up your unique services and to monitor and track work orders from a single view.

More Customization

Your suite of services is unique to your business. PestPac gives you the freedom to customize scheduling in a way that makes sense for your business and how you manage your technicians. It’s easy to use and comes with pre-loaded standard options to get you started quickly and efficiently. You can build your own services so that all work order scheduling is accurate to reflect the service type, time and cost.

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Flexible scheduling options for recurring work

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Include a specific time, time window or mark jobs as “anytime”

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Ability to set up payment plans to bill on a different frequency than you schedule

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Add one-time appointments with a few clicks on desktop or from mobile

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Complete services with multiple maintenance visits

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Adjust price and duration of appointments based on actual service time for each specific service

Extreme Efficiency

PestPac saves you hours and simplifies efficient scheduling of recurring work while allowing you to define constraints, such as technician skills and time windows. With PestPac’s Best Fit feature, new orders and emergency jobs can easily be fit into the schedule and assigned to the right technician. There’s no wasted time, missed appointments, unhappy clients, or idle technicians.

Better handle the demands of clients - whether it’s the technician they request or a time-window they require

Balance the workload of your technicians

Faster and more accurate invoicing

Track and report on all services

Better Visibility & Control

Your customers expect technicians to arrive on-time for their appointment. You can stay on top of your schedule viewing all appointments in PestPac, and with an integrated GPS map, you can see appointments for the day alongside technician location in real-time. With the mobile app you can track your technicians’ progress and easily alert customers in the event of any changes, so there’s no missed appointments or wasted time.

Ultimate Accessibility

Whether you’re in the field or the office, you can access all the information you need from PestPac. Since everything is updated in the cloud there’s no need to call to check in with the office or your technicians. You can access, edit and view schedule changes and then push any alerts to your technicians or clients. It’s a more professional way for you to run your scheduling, manage the time of your technicians in the field and free up time of your office staff.

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Quickly view and track daily work orders, or sort by technician, region or client

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PestPac automatically creates and stores work history that you can view at any time

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Select to view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules

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Ability to assign permissions to multiple groups giving everyone access to the information they need to do their jobs well.

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Add mobile and give your technicians the information they need direct to their mobile device

5-Star Experience

PestPac scheduling is designed to help you provide a better experience for your customers and make your life easier. Information on every job and every customer is stored in PestPac so you can review all your work orders at any time and ensure consistent service. When combined with reporting tools, you can assess performance levels of each of your technicians and the actual time it takes to complete a service versus predicted duration. In turn, you can provide more accurate estimates to customers based on the actual data that may be different for each technician and service. PestPac scheduling lets you instantly schedule, reschedule, send reminders and ensure a better and faster communication both within your business and with your customers.

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