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Reporting Data

For business success, it is crucial to ensure that you are receiving ongoing reporting that is both easily accessible and simple to digest. This winning combination provides an encouraging platform that enables actionable data analysis. Performance metrics (at your fingertips) begin to tell a story and reveal key takeaways that are critical for ongoing campaign optimization.

PestPac’s advanced pest control reporting tools make it easy to get clear insight into every aspect of your business. PestPac allows for the creation of custom reports, dashboards, charts and graphs to evaluate and analyze data that’s important to you. PestPac’s advanced reporting features are huge differentiators that set us apart from other pest control software programs - and the good news is that the benefits are passed along to our clients.

Service Order Trends

Access an overview of your service orders

Gain insight into the performance of your business

Automatically send invoices to customers when the work order is closed

Improve your pest control business by analyzing common order trends

service order dashboard in pest control software

Use pre-built reports or create custom reports

View critical data to see how your business performance compares to your goals

Financial reporting including Accounts Receivable, Invoice Register and Payment Register

Easily schedule reports to be emailed automatically

Export reports as HTML, Excel, PDF and more

financial report in pest control software

Gain valuable insight into your material usage to help save money

Identify unusual product use

Track material cost against production

Track sustainability and “green” treatment requirements

material usage report in pest control software

Submit monthly reports to Dow AgroSciences from PestPac

Run additional reports such as Phase II Produce Stewardship Reports and Average Spacing Station Reports

Email report forms to the customer directly from the field

Sync with your office to access updated documents

termite inspection report in pest control software

Organize, store and track inspection reports

Easily search the repository for past inspection reports

Generate graphics showing past trend analysis

Offline access allowing you to view and print from your mobile device

inspection reporting in pest control software

Graphically demonstrate your customers service areas

Help your technicians understand the layout and orientation of the area to be serviced

Easily share your sketches with your team

Share your sketches with your team with ease

pest control service area graphs

Easily customize technician inspection reporting fields for your business

Quickly record materials used within a selected area and pest findings from a pre-populated list

Add additional comments with ease

Easily attach photos, videos, voice notes and files

pest management reporting

Easily print summary reports across buildings and units

Ability for technicians to view, print and email a unit summary report while in the field

See which buildings and units were inspected and signed-off on

Create “Area Specific” and “Unit Specific” reports

multi-unit reporting

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