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Accurate Performance Reporting

More Accuracy. More Analysis.

Automating your sales flow and managing leads in an efficient manner is a huge step towards increasing close rates and boosting revenue. To maintain an even bigger advantage over competitors, today’s PMPs need to be able to accurately track and quantify performance. PestPac® helps you ensure pest control leads are processed quickly, assigned to the right people, qualified and followed through to completion—along with the reporting tools to prove it.

Our solution has the power to help you generate reports and alert you when customers are not receiving proper follow-ups so you can take immediate action to preserve leads. Customizable settings allow you to tailor timed alerts, as well as other measurement values to match the way you do business.

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Sales Funnel Management

  • Gain top-to-bottom visibility of every single pest control lead in your sales funnel
  • Define your sales funnel to accurately reflect the way you do business
  • Track lead counts and estimated order value by stage
  • View the percentage contribution of leads in each stage for both lead count and estimated order value
  • Quickly identify and fix bottlenecks in your sales funnel to maintain and improve your close rates
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Sales Performance Reports

  • Track key performance metrics for every sales campaign including total order count, total order value, close rates and performance against quota
  • Rank and compare sales reps and sales regions using a variety of metrics to identify which are performing well — and which are not
  • Filter your report using any combination of lead attributes — and save your filter selections for easy access next time you want to use them

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