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PestPac Sales Assistant

Virtual sales and call center tool.

PestPac® Sales Assistant helps you convert pest control customer inquiries into sales. Whether your customer is seeking information on your website, sending an email, or calling in, PestPac Sales Assistant helps your sales team quickly resolve customer issues, schedule services, and help customers pay online. PestPac Sales Assistant ensures an efficient, consistent and fast response to customer needs - leading to more happy customers and more appointments.

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External Sales Assistant

  • Add a “Buy Online” button to your website to allow visitors to purchase and schedule service 24/7
  • Real-time pricing, scheduling and billing to customer’s credit card
  • Customizable look and feel to match your branding
  • Ability to add promotional offers, marketing material and discounts
  • Integrated with PestPac RouteOp to allow customers to choose and schedule optimal appointment time
  • All transaction data is updated in PestPac
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Internal Sales Assistant

  • Customized phone scripting that recommends relevant services for each customer
  • Quickly access Sales Assistant from a lead, location detail screen or the left navigation bar
  • Provide pricing, schedule service and bill the customer’s credit card all via Sales Assistant
  • Ability to add promotional offers, marketing material and discounts
  • Integrated with PestPac RouteOp to allow salespeople to suggest optimal appointment times
  • All transaction data is updated in PestPac
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Drastically Improve Sales Performance

Teamwork and shared knowledge is key to providing consistent, quality customer service. PestPac Sales Assistant guides your sales team through targeted, specific questions to match a customer’s pest control issues with your relevant solutions and services. Using customized scripts, your employees gather key information to easily schedule the right service. The result is fast, efficient and consistent sales support that leads to customer appointments with the most relevant service.

Adding new staff and new services can be tough for consistent sales performance. PestPac Sales Assistant helps with new sales training and improving productivity without compromising a personalized customer service.

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Price, Schedule and Bill Customer Credit Card

Want to make closing a sale and getting paid faster and more efficient? PestPac Sales Assistant will price the most relevant service, schedule customer appointment, and bill your customer’s credit card. Using PestPac Sales Assistant, your sales team will gather key information throughout the sales process so you can complete the transaction faster and get your technicians out to resolve their pest control issue.

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Extend Resources with a Virtual Sales Person

Your customers are shopping online 24/7 and with PestPac Sales Assistant you can provide a “virtual salesperson” on your website to help customers find exactly what they need. PestPac Sales Assistant can be customized to the look and feel of your existing website. Following the same recommendation logic, your “virtual salesperson” will ask a series of questions to gather relevant information to guide your customer to the service that meets their needs. In just a few clicks customers can find the service they want, look-up the price, schedule their appointment and pay online.

Combine with PestPac RouteOp and customers will be able to choose and schedule the perfect appointment time for optimum convenience for them and for you.

Results you can expect:

Higher customer satisfaction with fast and efficient customer response

Reduce employee turnover by making it easier for your sales team to be successful

Increase sales as customers can quickly and easily schedule the service they need

Collect better data by requiring information to be gathered during sales process

Improve sales consistency when sales team all follow same questions in the same order

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