Customer Notifcations

Improve and simplify communications with your customers. Better manage your time, reduce customer frustration, and create a smooth experience before your technician arrives.

Customer Notifcations dashboard

Provide Quality Service and
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your time is valuable and every minute spent on mundane administrative tasks takes away from the time that could be better spent working with clients and technicians in the field and growing sales. Automatically send service reminders, collection calls, and renewal messages using the communication channel your customers prefer.

Transform Your Customer Communications Process

Automation provides a fast, reliable, and easy way to make sure
the right message gets to the right people.

Reduce Your Administrative Overhead

  • Edit standard preloaded messages created specifically for you
  • Create customized text-to-speech messages based on your specific services
  • Send any message including service notifications, collection notifications, and emergency alerts
  • Set immediate or predetermined date and time settings for service appointment notifications
Customer Notifcations message customization
Customer Notifcations logs

Create a Better Customer Experience From Job Start to Job Completion

  • Send out notification reminders via phone or text
  • Customers can confirm instantly
  • Log a note in each account so that you can see when the notification was sent, message results, and if the customer confirmed
  • Confirmations for each service order are tracked in PestPac

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

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